Mexico City’s subway is turning 50. It's one of the largest in the world — and one of the most peculiar ones. In this series, we’ll explore the Metro's secrets and the lessons it could bring to U.S. cities like Phoenix, where rail systems are small or non-existent.
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UA Approved To Open State’s 1st Public Veterinary College
The University of Arizona has received approval to establish the state’s first public College of Veterinary Medicine. The college will offer a three-year program with two years of active learning and one year of clinical rotation.
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Hopi Ranger Convicted Of Sexually Assaulting Woman He Arrested
A federal jury convicted a former Hopi law enforcement ranger of sexually assaulting a woman he arrested. A jury found MacKenzie Davis guilty of abusive sexual contact, violating her civil rights and destroying evidence.
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Marshall Islands President Speaks Out On Petersen Case
The government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands says it is pleased with the arrest of Paul Petersen and others in connection with what prosecutors have said was an illegal adoption scheme in multiple states.
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MAG Conducts Survey On Transportation Safety Concerns
The Maricopa Association of Governments is conducting a survey to get a sense of safety concerns across the Valley.
Adel Includes Criminal Justice Reform Advocate On Transition Team
New Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel included a reform-minded Republican lawmaker on her transition team, a sign she may be more amenable to criminal justice reform efforts than her predecessor, Bill Montgomery.

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Massive Gun Battle Erupts In Mexico Over Son Of Drug Kingpin 'El Chapo'
Security forces came under attack and were forced to withdraw after they sought to arrest Ovidio Guzmán López, who is thought to control the Sinaloa cartel since his father's arrest in 2014.
Get Caught Up: 4 Big Questions About The Trump-Ukraine Affair
Although new pieces of the puzzle are added all the time, some of the biggest questions about the Ukraine pressure campaign — and what Congress may do about it — aren't yet resolved.
Walgreens is testing out delivery from store to door by drone in Virginia, and UPS won approval to expand air delivery of medical supplies.
Whistleblower Alleges Fraud At A Large Medicare Advantage Plan In Seattle
As the Trump administration calls for expanding access to Medicare Advantage, a federal whistleblower lawsuit accuses a large Medicare Advantage plan of bilking Medicare out of $8 million.
Mattis Takes Swipe At Trump: 'I Earned My Spurs On The Battlefield'
In a speech blending humor with a serious message, the former secretary of defense also quoted a warning by Lincoln against a leader "unfettered by conscience, precedent or decency."